De personeelsvereniging van de Universiteit Maastricht

What does the staff association do?


Hosting activities where members can connect with each other outside working hours.

Special offers from stores, discounts with travel agencies,

a healthcare insurance offer through Herland with a special (collective) discount.

As a staff association member, you will receive a login code for www.wegnahetwerk.nl,

where you can order tickets for theme parks, theatre, day tours, swimming pools,

movie theatres and car rentals. Discounts of 10-40% at checkout prices.


Our members also receive one-time offers through mail.


The staff association hosts the following every year:


Easter surprises and Sinterklaas party for our members’ children

from 2 to 8 years old (for free).

One or two 4 to 6 day trips. Members receive a discount.

Christmas market visit, one or multiple day trip.

What does a membership cost:

A fee of € 2,50 is kept from your salary monthly, after your application.

Your partner can also apply for membership for the same monthly fee.


P-Universeel administration


P-universeel box 55 - Uns50 postbus 616 6200 MD Maastricht

E-mail: p-universeel@maastrichtuniversity.nl

Bankrekening nr.: NL24INGB 0007 2309 38

tel.: 043-3882076